If dreams are a reasonably realistic representation of the forever enigmatic eternity, then it’s gonna be a rip-roaring rollicking ruckus.

But then, on the other hand…

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The fake becomes true,
Conspiracy deniers.
Ministry of Truth:
Social Media Censors—
Marxist politics to rue

Single Sentence Stories 001

From The Gruesome Inevitabilities Collection, a dying work in progress.

Ghost Train

Hell-bound; stripped, scorched, and shackled flesh to blistering flesh with the only ruckus besides our rattled respiration is the rumbling rails beneath our feet.

All rights, wrongs, and indifferences reserved to the death

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Where It All Started

It’s 1970.

I’m 16.

And an addict.

Like dragons, I’m psychologically dependent on shiny things. Things like sparkling fast cars, and the shinier and quicker they are, the more my need, not to mention expense.

It began with this ’69 Mustang Mach 1, 428 CU IN, 330 HP, Cobra Jet.

That’s my mother (RIP) and me in my Levi high-water jeans and Bass wingtips. Not exactly a teenage sex symbol, but the chicks dug the car. I don’t think they noticed the groovy shoes. Or me, for that matter.

A friend of a friend painted the Cobra Jet on the rear fenders. I thought it looked hip at the time; not so much today.

Well, all things come and go.

The year was sliding away, and my addiction to shiny fast things became somewhat sedated. A flame diminished but never extinguished, which I attribute to the beginnings of a family that grew into three kids, 7 grandkids, and soon-to-be 7th great-grandchild. See, there was a gal whose fancy I caught after all. She said it was my long legs that attracted her. But don’t let her fool you; it’s not my legs she’s referring to.

Enter 2017… Continue reading “Where It All Started”

Tanka 001

Middle East unrest
Border crisis escalates
Rising gas prices
Supplier chain disruptions
Biden and Harris, happy?

A Penny on the Issues

Capital Punishment

Killing is an ugly business. Yet, might some violent crimes warrant such extremes: death or life imprisonment? How about we keep our hands clean and let the condemned decide for themselves.


Killing is an ugly business. I suppose there are grounds for abortion (though beyond the scope of this post). Regardless, while men might have a voice in the matter, ultimately, it’s not our call.

Gun Ownership

Killing is an ugly business. Even when executed in self-defense, it ain’t pretty. However, the world is insanely dangerous, and if you hadn’t noticed, worsening. Politicians, the elite, the police arm themselves or employ armed guards. Why shouldn’t the average law-abiding citizens possess the right to arm themselves, to defend and protect their loved ones, their property?


Killing is an ugly business and, like abortion, particularly reprehensible against the vulnerable and innocent. Stop eating animals. They have as much claim to freedom as we. Maybe more, because nearly everything wrong on the planet results from our misguided actions and inactions. Not theirs. Continue reading “A Penny on the Issues”

Constant Revisability

I am a contradiction, perhaps.

A hypocrite, it might seem.

The complexities of existence and the constant current of conflicting data in this confusing time of cultural turbulence and global uncertainty leave me to entertain various contradictory notions at once. Thus my views are subject to constant revisability.

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