The Lying Little…

“Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.” ~Alfred Montapert

Comes the Day of Reckoning

The saying goes: You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but as the little lying scumbag Fauci learns, you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

Rand Paul TKOs Fauci the Fraudster. Again.

That the Fraudster has something significantly terrible to hide is clear in his exceedingly nervous demeanor, even a blind man can see. A liberal blind man, not so much maybe.

In the video, the good doctor Rand Paul questions the notoriously evil villain about some damning revelations in some recently unredacted emails. The little man (Note: my use of the word man to refer to Fauci is only in the male sense, he fails utterly at being what any honorable male-by-birth would consider a man). But, as I was saying, the Fibbing Fraudster is more than a wee bit nervous at the very simple questions asked him. And, he never answers. But then, having a high-hand in genocide, torture, crippling the economy, and lining his pockets with blood money, he wouldn’t. Instead, he attacks Senator Paul’s “attack” on him.

Well, you can’t fool all the people all the time.

As a side note, Moderna, who the Fraudster has ties with, has never had an FDA approved product. Go figure.

Well, we won’t be fooled again.

#FireFauci the Fraudster

The Group vs. Everyone Else

Open Letter to Petty Tyrants, Masked Minions, and Epic Morons

“If you ever wondered what you’d do during slavery, the holocaust, or the Salem witch roundup, you’re doing it now.”

Authority continues its historical tendency to enlist the shallow suggestible mind to serve its dubious means. Ministers of Officialdom pedestal themselves, graced by the limelight of publicity, cloaked as the guardians of humanity, trumpeting the menace of disease and death against us as if disease and death were escapable.

They are not.

Nor should ambition rest on long life at any cost, but freedom at any price. For that alone makes life worth living.

Yet the most ruinous malady affecting humanity is the mental chaos of unassailable faith in secular authority. A congregating affliction prevalent in fear-struck extremists, and ironhanded countries like China and North Korea, now in the Free World. Such collective dependence short-circuits an individual’s intellect, distorting logical responses with the fog of groupthink commotion: Truths, Lies, sophistries, and trickeries mix with bureaucratic flip-flops and chicanery to erode self-confidence and ambush vigilance found in individual-think.

In systems of domination, authorities build opposing forces of fanaticism that compromise an individual’s balance and pits one group against another. This double-dealing unity strokes authority’s unrestrained yearnings for greater control, swelling its already enlarged tyrannical passions while making the malleable mind even more loving, more dependent on Big Brother.

Liberty and civil harmony hinge not on gratifying the consensus but breaking free of conformity. Rending the reverence of authoritarian groupthink lays naked the keepers of our discernment, wherein our mental dungeons of persuasion the wardens of doctrine spin fear, hate, and resentment into bigoted disdain. Recasting and vilifying  an individual’s freedom of choice into political weapons designed to destroy the reputations and livelihoods of any who dare threaten their rule by questioning their infinite wisdom, their science-based hullabaloo. Which is neither science nor wisdom, but pure political bullshit stage play.

Akin to the mentally sluggish patrons of an opium den, many find bliss in the dulling effects of authority’s dog and pony show. Their minds are no longer willing or capable of critical thought. Others lack cynicism, skepticism, care, or courage to challenge the farcical productions performed by the leaders and influencers of the State.

Authority has, for varied reasons, its diverse and unquestioning devotees.

Hitler did, and they thought they were free and of right mind.

And so…

If you champion authoritarian overreach, mandatory vaccinations, masks, lockdowns, social isolation, blackballing, and vaccine passports, then you’ve ventured well beyond polite political obedience. You’re a sycophantic little shit of a human who’s entered the realms of Nazi-like loyalty by scoffing at individual choice. A petty fascist mocking the spirit of existence, which is Freedom. Without which and stitched to your suckling nature, you are worse than a slave who at least knows and abhors their abusers. You’re a mindless ass-kissing automaton, a deliberate agent of authority’s persecution, perpetrating and perpetuating state tyranny.

You’re a demented minion united with the forces of compliance and containment, helping twist the knife in the back of We the People. Joined with the likes of liberal celebrities who declare the unvaxxed the enemy, doctors who defy their Hippocratic oath to even consider refusing treatment to the unvaxxed, corporations who cowardly and spitefully discriminate, and governments who bulldoze over rights and freedoms.

What other wishful damnations seethe in your little jackboot head, dupe? Expropriation? Concentration camps? Gallows, guillotines, and gas chambers?

That and worse, I’d bet. For it was your ilk who enslaved the black, gassed the Jews, burned the witches, attended the Holy Inquisition, massacred the Native Americans, and persecuted anyone for having the gall to believe and behave differently than they.

Witnessed by your subservient actions, bullying attitude, unbending intolerance, and emboldened by your group depravity, you gleefully imply a grisly death of Liberty. I’d say you’d have the Defenders of Freedom tarred and feathered, thrashed and disemboweled, swinging from the end of a rope till dead, had your way.

Mark the words of Freedom’s reign, obedient peons, by adhering to and promoting the dictates of maniacs you’re immortalizing a situation devised to end badly for even you.

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Ironic isn’t it, that the Statue of Liberty proudly stands in New York.

High-Minded Fancy

No matter how high-minded you fancy yourself, you’re no better than the thugs you defend.

Leftist like to bellyache about punks, pimps, dealers, and thugs killed by police in the name of law and order. In fact, they setup monuments to honor the criminal lowlife scourge infecting the country, predominantly in the blue states. But they purposely neglect telling you about cops murdered by society’s less than worthless cowardly dregs.

21 officers killed by ambush alone, this year alone.

Further more, as boundless Leftist hypocrisy has it, not a word nor tear for the more whites shot to death by police than either black or Hispanic. Nearly twice as many, but you’d never know it the way the Left kvetch. True, they’re mostly drunken doped-up white trash wife-beaters who had it coming, but they’re offered no monuments to honor their malevolent legacy.

Statistic: Number of people shot to death by the police in the United States from 2017 to 2021, by race | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

A Prayer for the Faithful of any Faith

In honor of Thanksgiving, a prayer of gratitude, created for the faithful of any faith.

Thank you, (insert your God’s honorific here) . . .
For the tortured beef we are about to receive.
For the milk creatures were raped to conceive.
For the pork who gave its all that we may feast.
For sparing us equal treatment of the beast.
For the mercy we so readily deny.
For all the poultry we kill and fry.
For Your compassion that forgives our sin.
For all the fish we consume and de-fin.
For the creatures You gave for our abuse.
For closing Your eyes to our crimes conduce.
For Your blessings we wholeheartedly abuse.
For the creature’s friendship we stoically refuse.
(Insert your obligatory closing here)

8,250 RPM

Poetry In Motion

I wonder what 8,250 RPM looks like in the hand-built 5.2L V8 — nicknamed Voodoo for its dark magic, menacing and intoxicating allure.

I know what it feels like, sounds like. The heart-pounding, adrenaline-rush of a roaring beast unleashed.

Wicked as a banshee in heat.

That quivering, giddy feeling rushes through your veins as she hustles you into the forbidden, uninhabited regions of triple-digit MPH.

But if we could see inside, at the vitals of this ferocious, naturally aspirated, savage hoodoo heathen, what would her 8,250 RPM look like?

Injectors spitting volcanic toxin, like the angry lashing tongue of a venomous serpent.

The explosive energy and hellish brilliance of internal combustion up close and demonically frightful.

Its crazy flat-plane crankshaft revving at bedazzling revolutions, its pistons pounding with punishing force, its dual cams rocking their resiling valves.

Is there a sharp definition to this dinosaur feasting mechanical monster churning eighty-two-fifty to the naked eye? Or would it appear as a spellbinding blur on the precipitous verge of disintegration, bracing to fly apart?

How these mechanical marvels hold together is an engineered feat.

Feature image from Ford Authority

The DisEase of PoliTicks

I don’t recall a time when our political divide turned sustainable differences into an uncompromising contention, transforming constructive discussions into combative clashings, turning everyone into savage foes.

This is the fallout of propagating lies and misinformation masked as science and well caring, parading as paternal concern for the willfully ignorant multitudes transfixed by mass propaganda.

The smoking downward spirals of civility and prudence darken our skies.

Poisoning even the most stalwart with its whistling siren song.

Methinks evil communist forces are afoot.

Political anger is the weapon wielded in Washington by both parties and their corporate cronies against We the People, viciously turning us against one another in a souring feud. Bulldozing the foundation of our country, wrecking friendships, and severing family bonds. Creating an ambiance of fret, hate, revulsion, and racism.

Bitten by PoliTicks induces partisan addiction, causing inflammation of the psyche, resulting in myopia and obstinacy.

I am a recovering junkie of the PoliTick venom myself.

It helps to admit.

Recently, I confused a friend’s passionate comment as an attack on my character. I’m ashamed it happened. But as it is, it took that to start the recovery process.

While my friend and I have our differences in opinions, some spanning great distances, there are always bridges connecting us (veganism, for one). His observations and opinions have always given me pause for thought, no matter how antithetical to my enduring thesis of life, theories, and gruesome inevitabilities.

PoliTicks, like religious FanaTicks, is a disease of the mind. Infected, one cannot undermine the psychological ramparts the ego erects to protect its precious notions; no matter how fervently reasonability begs, we ignore.

However, for milder cases, there is a countermeasure.

A self-thrown gut-punch to the psyche.

Resulting in the appreciation of fallibility.

A receptivity for the probability of wrongness.

These finer faculties you gain by exploring a particular from multiple angles. It’s tough, I admit. But this is where varying ideas and respectful discourse comes to play in building harmony. As should the bitter-tasting thought of alienating a friend or family member over some nonsensical bull dung such as our psychopathically infused politics inspire.

My own gut-punch ushers in the next chapter of my life.

In keeping with my innate spirit, seen by the consensus as the repugnant rebellion of individualism, I’m returning to my anarchical paradise of old. The peaceful retreat into living with reduced emotion of circumstances I’m powerless to change. A contented life of de-energized politics, complete with its resurrected suspicion of the State, and every other damn thing that says it wants to help.

I’ll focus on my favorite things: veganism, family, friends, fast cars, firearms, and my misanthropic misgivings.

Too, I may write about health and fitness. Mine in particular, how at sixty-seven I can still do more chin-ups than you.


Feature image courtesy of Matryx at Pixabay

The Bell Rings

“Adieu, the Bell rings, and I must go among the Grave ones and talk Politicks.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

For every thought, opinion, and belief, there is its opposite.

And a lot of conflicted emotions in between.

We can’t all be right.

But we can all be wrong.

I’ve been wrong about several things all my life. I’ll forgo the details.

But in that light I’ve realized a thing vital to personal growth — Kathryn Schulz puts it eloquently in her TED Talk — being wrong, feels exactly like being right.

Until you realize you’re wrong.

From this hindsight perspective, I reckon I’m wrong about some things, still today.

Time will tell.

That, and an open mind.

I didn’t join the right out of allegiance to the conservative party, although I’ve always leaned right in many respects. Things like freedom; free speech; family; firearms; less government; fewer taxes, fees, tolls, permits, and licensing; fewer social programs, and an ennobling system based on meritocracy — to which I’ll add, to both tyrant and slothful dullard, Marxism paints a tantalizing albeit deceptive picture, thus raising its recent popularity whilst waging war on liberty.

Our country is run by psychopathic pedophiles. The extent of immorality we’ll likely never learn, but my gut tells me it’s extensive, earth-rattling. There’s too much circumstantial evidence to ignore, and most of it implicates the Democrats, in both recent popular past and the present occupiers.

So it comes with reluctance that I associate myself with Politicks. But the bell rings, for reasons that threaten our freedoms, and left with no alternative short of expatriation, I’ve joined the ranks of Republicans — possibly the last viable stronghold against the violent socialist burdens threatening our sea to shining sea.

However, we’re not a perfect match.

Oddly enough, for a political party that rants about freedom, many conservatives find veganism (freedom for our fellow earthlings, something I’m emotionally invested in) an object of ridicule, and condemn my lack of religious conviction, and vehemently deny a woman’s freedom of choice — just saying.

But, go figure.

And there’s this, this nagging notion that the two parties are colluding against We the People in a wily attempt to overthrow democracy. A good cop bad cop game. It’s what any capable tyrant would do.

But I could be wrong.

“Proclaim Liberty”: IMPEACH BIDEN/HARRIS

Trump / Noem 2024! Or sooner
Save America Trump 2024

Liberty Bell image courtesy of Phil Roeder

“Did you know the Liberty Bell was named by abolitionists fighting to end slavery?” From the NPS, learn more here.

We the People

“There are but two parties now: traitors and patriots…” ~ Ulysses S. Grant

And We the People… are pissed!

Puzzled as well.

Indeed, how anyone with an inkling of contemporary awareness and historical acumen can advocate for censorship; modern-day book-burning; socialism; more government; higher taxes; crime and devastation of a deliberately opened border; Draconian mandates; abandoning Americans in enemy territory, along with scads of other anti-USA freedom traditions masterminded by the spend-thrift Socialist Democrats and supported by their flattering woke followers, is beyond reason.

—If this is you, then you need to work on your critical thinking skills.

What should come as a doomsday vision and bloodcurdling aversion to the current administration’s actions and inactions, dictates and narratives gushing from their communist gullets, is instead a shameless enthusiasm among their familiars and armchair brownshirts to inurn Liberty in their push to a clampdown Marxist society: A political and economical philosophy backed-up by a pristine record of failure, poverty, despair, and dystopia.

Although, admittedly, one can argue the success of Marxism among its elite cabal and its petty, hypocritical, self-admiring aristocrats.

A tsunami of freedom-despising turbulence stirs in the wake of a headstrong iron fist pretending democratic leadership. And We the People find ourselves on the sharp and craggy shores of the Rubicon, facing the storm of a formidable foe. A battle of biblical proportions — reminiscent of the tale between David and Goliath — threatens our Republic.

In a country indisputably divided, the time for silence has slipped away.

A choice we must make: Do we quietly acquiesce to socialist totalitarianism, or do we stand with Liberty?

If the latter, then it’s time to raise the voice and vote of the majority; the legal citizen majority.

It’s time the enemies of democracy heard the will of the Nation, loud and clear.

Speak up, Patriots, before they tighten the muzzle; before they take our guns; before they steal another election; before they turn our country into a third-world shithole (as Trump would say), and before they imprison us for our peaceful protests. As they did on January 6th, Two Thousand Twenty-One. *

Speak up, now, before the only freedom of choice left to us is a woman’s right to abort her unborn.

Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

And speaking of women, here are Five Fabulously Fearless Female Freedom Fighters:

* If the Communist Democrats, their MSM propaganda arm, the leftist dregs, and gutter-washes can call what their BLM punks and Antifa thugs did to our cities and citizens, neighborhoods and businesses across the country over the last several months peaceful, then by rights we can call what happened on January 6 — a humdrum, boring comparison — peaceful as well. And for those who need reminding, the only fatality on that fateful day was the callous, cold-blooded murder of the non-threatening, peacefully protesting veteran Ashli Babbitt. RIP, Rest in Freedom!

Trump / Noem 2024!
Save America Trump 2024

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