4 thoughts on “Trust Me…

    1. Please note that my examples do reveal that I am a yellow-dog Democrat who can’t remember ever voting for a republican. If I do not see any democrats on the ballot, I write in the name of a yellow dog. Actually, in 2020, I became physically ill when discovering that snakes in the grass were getting elected under the GOP. Marjorie Greene and Lauren Boebert for example.
      My head must be scratched daily when contemplating the lower-than-a-dog candidates that the GOP approve. What does it indicate when the Republican National Convention of 2020 could not agree on a SINGLE platform item. So far it appears that 2024 will find the same dearth of platform items. Trump remains their Brain. He still does all the thinking so far, and I see no evidence that this will change.


      1. Please note that my post should not reveal that I am a Republican, merely that I believe more than the typical election-day-as-usual witchcraft, devilry, and shenanigans transpired.

        However, I can’t remember ever voting for a Democrat. But that’s because I ever only voted once in my life; for George Bush, senior. For that, I ask forgiveness.

        But with politics, like my Catholic experience, I learned a valuable lesson: The game is rigged. The dice are loaded. The monsters always win. And we, the people, have but a dangerous, misleading illusion of ownership in the country, one that divides us, irredeemably, more so every day. And so I live—as much as possible—tasked as an observer, one watching a tragic comedy unfold.

        There’s a certain liberation in shunning any group allegiance.

        I thought my post only slightly humorous. I mean, who writes checks anymore, right? 🙂 It was not my intent to draw the ire of an old friend. I’m sorry.

        Have a grand Mother’s Day, give my best to Lisa.

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  1. Thank you for the clear and cogent response, Peter. I am rather more an opponent of the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, they are rather severe in matters of judgment and look upon Freedom and Liberty as cards to play in a game with loaded dice. Trump knows how to play that political game very well. They are presently demonizing Biden, even more than they railed on about Obama. There is nothing they hate more than nominal Catholics, CINO: Catholics in Name Only. Harris ticks even more boxes: having too dark a complexion, and not an automatically familiar patriarchal player. They like the politics of knowing one’s place in society.
    Shunning group allegiance is something we both fervently believe in. That and having strong women like Teri and Lori in our lives, so Happy Mothers Day to you, kind Sir! And I never take ire at the independent voice of a friend. The world can get might strange all by itself methinks. It raises much ire, does it not?

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