Capital Punishment

Killing is an ugly business. Yet, might some violent crimes warrant such extremes: death or life imprisonment? How about we keep our hands clean and let the condemned decide for themselves.


Killing is an ugly business. I suppose there are grounds for abortion (though beyond the scope of this post). Regardless, while men might have a voice in the matter, ultimately, it’s not our call.

Gun Ownership

Killing is an ugly business. Even when executed in self-defense, it ain’t pretty. However, the world is insanely dangerous, and if you hadn’t noticed, worsening. Politicians, the elite, the police arm themselves or employ armed guards. Why shouldn’t the average law-abiding citizens possess the right to arm themselves, to defend and protect their loved ones, their property?


Killing is an ugly business and, like abortion, particularly reprehensible against the vulnerable and innocent. Stop eating animals. They have as much claim to freedom as we. Maybe more, because nearly everything wrong on the planet results from our misguided actions and inactions. Not theirs.

Freedom of Speech

Killing is an ugly business, but words are not sticks and stones, bullets, or knives. If speech isn’t threatening, bullying, or downright hateful, and you still find yourself offended or in opposition, get over yourself.


Killing is an ugly business, and the Abrahamic religions own a disproportionate share of both human and animal bloodshed. If someone doesn’t believe the things you do, it’s okay. Okay, as long as they live in peace. Which is contrary among the overly zealous followers in religion—as well as politics.

In Conclusion

It all comes down to live and let live. Simple, right? So why not? Because of human greed, gluttony, selfishness, a hankering for power, resistance to entertaining concepts competing with our cherished beliefs, traditions, and progresses.

—I once knew a thing I thought I disliked. Then I got to know it.

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