“Adieu, the Bell rings, and I must go among the Grave ones and talk Politicks.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

For every thought, opinion, and belief, there is its opposite.

And a lot of conflicted emotions in between.

We can’t all be right.

But we can all be wrong.

I’ve been wrong about several things all my life. I’ll forgo the details.

But in that light I’ve realized a thing vital to personal growth — Kathryn Schulz puts it eloquently in her TED Talk — being wrong, feels exactly like being right.

Until you realize you’re wrong.

From this hindsight perspective, I reckon I’m wrong about some things, still today.

Time will tell.

That, and an open mind.

I didn’t join the right out of allegiance to the conservative party, although I’ve always leaned right in many respects. Things like freedom; free speech; family; firearms; less government; fewer taxes, fees, tolls, permits, and licensing; fewer social programs, and an ennobling system based on meritocracy — to which I’ll add, to both tyrant and slothful dullard, Marxism paints a tantalizing albeit deceptive picture, thus raising its recent popularity whilst waging war on liberty.

Our country is run by psychopathic pedophiles. The extent of immorality we’ll likely never learn, but my gut tells me it’s extensive, earth-rattling. There’s too much circumstantial evidence to ignore, and most of it implicates the Democrats, in both recent popular past and the present occupiers.

So it comes with reluctance that I associate myself with Politicks. But the bell rings, for reasons that threaten our freedoms, and left with no alternative short of expatriation, I’ve joined the ranks of Republicans — possibly the last viable stronghold against the violent socialist burdens threatening our sea to shining sea.

However, we’re not a perfect match.

Oddly enough, for a political party that rants about freedom, many conservatives find veganism (freedom for our fellow earthlings, something I’m emotionally invested in) an object of ridicule, and condemn my lack of religious conviction, and vehemently deny a woman’s freedom of choice — just saying.

But, go figure.

And there’s this, this nagging notion that the two parties are colluding against We the People in a wily attempt to overthrow democracy. A good cop bad cop game. It’s what any capable tyrant would do.

But I could be wrong.

“Proclaim Liberty”: IMPEACH BIDEN/HARRIS

Trump / Noem 2024! Or sooner
Save America Trump 2024

Liberty Bell image courtesy of Phil Roeder

“Did you know the Liberty Bell was named by abolitionists fighting to end slavery?” From the NPS, learn more here.

8 thoughts on “The Bell Rings

  1. The difference between the Republican and Democratic Parties is actually quite narrow. In regard to the incomes of incumbents, dead pigs in legislation, a military-industrial complex that both gangs fervently serve, an individual’s right to privacy, climate-change emergency, any animal right…
    Columbus Day continues to celebrate the genocide of the Americas, the rape of the environment, and the surety that nothing may stand in the way to genuine change.


    1. Ah, but there are wider differences as well.

      Assuming they are two independent parties, it wasn’t the Republicans who opened the border allowing a flood of illegal aliens, drugs, cartels, and criminals into the country (untested and unvaccinated, which tells us something, eh); they didn’t sacrifice our energy independence causing unprecedented fuel prices and transportation costs; they didn’t defund the police giving rise to crime and shoplifting that forced businesses to close in major cities; they didn’t support BLM and Antifa as they burned, killed, and destroyed life and property across the country — they didn’t make a martyr of and erect a statue in honor of a thug; they didn’t deface statues, either; they didn’t abandon Americans in Afghanistan in a disastrous exit of their mutually beneficial war; they didn’t wreak havoc on the economy, tradition, culture, and spirit of our country in the ten short months of the most embarrassing, bumbling, incompetent puppet administration in US history. They didn’t make a laughing stock of our military. And they didn’t steal an election. Democrats did. All this for what one must suspect was deliberate: For Marxism to succeed, it must first destroy.

      This is genuine change.


      1. The most-exploited caste in the US is undocumented. They get to fill the unwanted jobs in the fields, slaughterhouses, and other vile jobs. Yet, they are the most productive people in the country. They will never receive social security despite contributing inordinately to the GNP, they are not criminals, do not mix with the general population to spread Covid, that requires mixing in with others. They cannot do this because it is too dangerous to go public, nor do they complain about their plight. They are absolutely not more likely to be criminals in this society because that also involves contact with others. Crime calls attention to them, so they stay in their fields or slaughterhouses.
        Black Lives are the most hunted, most despised, and most blamed. My father was as antifa as am I, being antifa is one hell of a lot better than submission to a police state. Who the hell wants to support fucking Fascists? Critical Race Theory simply states that racism is a deep, enduring, and hate-ridden element. Reducing racism is a laudable goal that becomes ever more distant as black lives are despised. Prison inmates are predominantly black folk living in a land dominated by white supremacism, the real source of terrorism that begun with Columbus. Happy C Day by the way.
        20 years of exploding munitions and reordering more munitions were started by the Republican President who officially announced the end of that 20-year fiasco. More Republican presidents have presided over that disaster than Republicans. The military *is* already a laughingstock and was already predicted to become one by Eisenhower in January 1961. PTSD is the principal disorder directly caused in the fog of war, few are unaffected by it, poor and black enlistees suffer the most.
        The election was not stolen, this was overwhelmingly proven by multiple ballot recounts. In fact, it was the most accurately conducted election in American history, despite by individuals installed throughout the government such as the head of the Postal Service. All those ridiculous recounts prove that point. Al Gore was installed by the Supreme Court, but when the ballots were recounted it was determined that Gore had actually received a majority of the popular ballot and, consequently, the electoral college. Gore had far more wisdom than the petulant Trump, he would have responded to our present climate emergency 20 years ago. Trump does not possess integrity in any form. How many lies does it take to realize that Trump was the worst President ever? At best, he is a buffoon, an opportunist, and a fraud. Every day.
        Just saying.


        1. Whoa, Bill. I believe you’re accusing me of being a fascist. That’s rather cruel and undeserving. By Jove, we’ve dined together and welcomed one another in our homes. Well, regardless of what you now think of me, I am anti-fascist as hell. Although I refuse to identify as an Antifa rascal. The two are not mutually dependent. Sorry, you think so.

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          1. My points were not meant to be interpreted as an accusation. I most certainly apologize for all misinterpretations caused. The extreme polar political systems, Fascism and Marxism, are at the ends of two spectrums. A mix of non-violent systems of government is the best way to keep a tyranny at bay. The US has enjoyed blends of viewpoints at various points in history, but I would suggest that right-ring positions are gaining over left-wing thought. I attribute its personification in what has become the Party of Trump. His innumerable lies and attitudes toward past and current dictators is clearly Fascist IMO.
            However, my post was meant to decry the tacit acceptance of antifa, a term concoted by the alt right that casts opponents as anti Fascist. It is not even carefully coded, it is a call out to anyone to the left of the extreme far right. I find it usage repugnant and note that it has appeared just as the number of souls from the greatest generation have mostly died out. They would have seen through the fog and would have been repelled. Rather than cast aspersions, I would ask you to review this post as a singular perspective on an ugly term, such as the N-word, and a call to a more civil conversation. That ugly term does not belong in a civil exchange of beliefs, I find it as suggestive as the N-word, hence my heated words. Please know that I value our friendship a great deal, conversations between people of good faith are exactly what a free and open society needs. Always. And thanks for being “anti-fascist as hell.”

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            1. We’re both passionately demanding in our thinking, and my emotions sometimes get the better of my comprehension. I’ll take responsibility for over-reading your comment. And add, no apology is necessary from you. I’m just glad to still have a friend.

              Our exchange does have me questioning as well as suspecting my recent intensity in politics, though.

              Give my regards to all.

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              1. Hello Peter, we are both passionate in our views and that is one hell of a lot better than having a pathetically apathetic view of anything happening outside your own beliefs. I value our conversations a great deal. They are both rooted in a fight for genuine integrity and a respect for truth
                My regards to all you Henryvillians.

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