Integrity. Courage. Strength. Compassion.

Freedom of Speech (No matter who the fug it offends.)

Country Livin’

The Old TV Westerns

Rock ‘n Roll

Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmetic (Mathematics, actually.)

Badass Rides (meet GT Vudo, American Muscle)

Physical Fitness

Veganism (That’s right, for the animals!)

Did I mention weapons? Swords, daggers, guns, and hatchets—that’s what I’m talking about.

I like cats, too—if they had wings, scales, and a frill of pointy poison spines, they’d be the alpha-apex predator. Cats own their authority. I admire their independence, how they refuse to submit like hounds on a tether. Rollover for a bone—yeah, right.

Kenmore and Craftsman were pulled out of a dumpster behind one of the last-standing K-Marts. They were just tiny babies, still with their umbilical cords.

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