The Group vs. Everyone Else

Open Letter to Petty Tyrants, Masked Minions, and Epic Morons

“If you ever wondered what you’d do during slavery, the holocaust, or the Salem witch roundup, you’re doing it now.”

Authority continues its historical tendency to enlist the shallow suggestible mind to serve its dubious means. Ministers of Officialdom pedestal themselves, graced by the limelight of publicity, cloaked as the guardians of humanity, trumpeting the menace of disease and death against us as if disease and death were escapable.

They are not.

Nor should ambition rest on long life at any cost, but freedom at any price. For that alone makes life worth living.

Yet the most ruinous malady affecting humanity is the mental chaos of unassailable faith in secular authority. A congregating affliction prevalent in fear-struck extremists, and ironhanded countries like China and North Korea, now in the Free World. Such collective dependence short-circuits an individual’s intellect, distorting logical responses with the fog of groupthink commotion: Truths, Lies, sophistries, and trickeries mix with bureaucratic flip-flops and chicanery to erode self-confidence and ambush vigilance found in individual-think.

In systems of domination, authorities build opposing forces of fanaticism that compromise an individual’s balance and pits one group against another. This double-dealing unity strokes authority’s unrestrained yearnings for greater control, swelling its already enlarged tyrannical passions while making the malleable mind even more loving, more dependent on Big Brother.

Liberty and civil harmony hinge not on gratifying the consensus but breaking free of conformity. Rending the reverence of authoritarian groupthink lays naked the keepers of our discernment, wherein our mental dungeons of persuasion the wardens of doctrine spin fear, hate, and resentment into bigoted disdain. Recasting and vilifying  an individual’s freedom of choice into political weapons designed to destroy the reputations and livelihoods of any who dare threaten their rule by questioning their infinite wisdom, their science-based hullabaloo. Which is neither science nor wisdom, but pure political bullshit stage play.

Akin to the mentally sluggish patrons of an opium den, many find bliss in the dulling effects of authority’s dog and pony show. Their minds are no longer willing or capable of critical thought. Others lack cynicism, skepticism, care, or courage to challenge the farcical productions performed by the leaders and influencers of the State.

Authority has, for varied reasons, its diverse and unquestioning devotees.

Hitler did, and they thought they were free and of right mind.

And so…

If you champion authoritarian overreach, mandatory vaccinations, masks, lockdowns, social isolation, blackballing, and vaccine passports, then you’ve ventured well beyond polite political obedience. You’re a sycophantic little shit of a human who’s entered the realms of Nazi-like loyalty by scoffing at individual choice. A petty fascist mocking the spirit of existence, which is Freedom. Without which and stitched to your suckling nature, you are worse than a slave who at least knows and abhors their abusers. You’re a mindless ass-kissing automaton, a deliberate agent of authority’s persecution, perpetrating and perpetuating state tyranny.

You’re a demented minion united with the forces of compliance and containment, helping twist the knife in the back of We the People. Joined with the likes of liberal celebrities who declare the unvaxxed the enemy, doctors who defy their Hippocratic oath to even consider refusing treatment to the unvaxxed, corporations who cowardly and spitefully discriminate, and governments who bulldoze over rights and freedoms.

What other wishful damnations seethe in your little jackboot head, dupe? Expropriation? Concentration camps? Gallows, guillotines, and gas chambers?

That and worse, I’d bet. For it was your ilk who enslaved the black, gassed the Jews, burned the witches, attended the Holy Inquisition, massacred the Native Americans, and persecuted anyone for having the gall to believe and behave differently than they.

Witnessed by your subservient actions, bullying attitude, unbending intolerance, and emboldened by your group depravity, you gleefully imply a grisly death of Liberty. I’d say you’d have the Defenders of Freedom tarred and feathered, thrashed and disemboweled, swinging from the end of a rope till dead, had your way.

Mark the words of Freedom’s reign, obedient peons, by adhering to and promoting the dictates of maniacs you’re immortalizing a situation devised to end badly for even you.

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Ironic isn’t it, that the Statue of Liberty proudly stands in New York.